Global Political Insight (GPI) publishes commentaries on international politics and sharp analyses of global issues. GPI encourages contributions, including opinion pieces of 600-800 words and longer commentaries of up to 2,000 words.

As a nonprofit organisation that exists to be a resource for academics, journalists and anyone interested in global affairs, GPI is unable to pay contributors. We usually do not reprint pieces published on other outlets.

Style Guidelines

We value strong writing that makes clear points in concise language. Contributors are asked to submit a final draft.

Please hyperlink all relevant sources. It is especially important to include a hyperlink for specific numbers, quotations, and factual information that is used to argue a point. Although we review all submissions carefully, authors are ultimately responsible for the factual accuracy of their contributions.

The article should include a short (1-3 sentences) biography of the author at the foot of the article.


Please submit your article as a Word document attachment to If your piece is time-sensitive, please signal that in the subject line. Authors are free to specify a deadline by which the article should be considered for publication.


We also invite experts writing on international politics to be permanent contributors to Global Political Insight. Please email us at the above address or fill in the contact form below for more information.


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