Our Values and Beliefs

Our core beliefs go hand-in-hand with our overall objectives of supporting the transition to a multipolar world and promoting peaceful resolutions to conflicts.

  • A multipolar world is to be welcomed, as it provides better chance for global security than a unipolar world Emerging-powers-640x480
  • Disagreements can always be settled through diplomacy and negotiations. War and conflict should not be the means of resolving nation disputes
  • Military interventions rarely achieve the desired results and should only be used during critical situations
  • Any hope for nations’ development is rooted upon cooperation and diplomatic engagement in a political arena in which moral considerations trump states’ self-interest
  • The neo-liberal economic agenda promoted by the United States has not been beneficial to some states and should not be treated as a ‘one size fits all’ solution to world problems
  • The BRICS and other emerging markets should be allowed to develop in a manner that they see fit
  • Good relations between the West and the BRICS, plus other emerging markets, should be encouraged
  • The media should play a bigger role in providing unbiased information to the public
  • The public must have access to all the relevant information in order to come to an objective conclusion on political developments

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