Our Mission

The world is undergoing major political changes. Asia is slowly overtaking Europe as the most dominant region in the world, with China leading the surge. New blocs, such as the BRIC states, are becoming more prominent, while the West’s influence is slowly diminishing. The world is transitioning from a unipolar system – where the U.S. was the only dominant power – to a multipolar system, with many new countries aspiring to become new leaders of our planet. bric

Unfortunately, many recent and current international conflicts stem from some states refusing to accept the new global political reality. Many disagreements between nations are caused by some countries aiming to preserve the status quo of a unipolar world, while other countries are looking to create a multipolar world. This is creating a lot of misunderstanding and unnecessary conflicts. At Global Political Insight, we aim to make sense of the changing global political order and support a peaceful transition.

Our objectives are twofold. Firstly, we aim to provide an extensive analysis of political developments in order to shine the light on the fast-paced changes that are currently taking place. Secondly, we aim to use our research and publications to facilitate good relations between the western world and the “new world” (the BRICS and emerging markets). Our mission is to influence governments to take a more diplomatic and negotiable approach when engaging with other nations, thus diminishing the possibility of unnecessary conflicts between states.

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